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Buckeye Lubricants manufactures a number of grinding oils and fluids and the more popular ones are detailed below with links to data sheets for each one.

Safe-T-Oil #4+ Grinding Fluid

Buckeye Safe-T-Oil #4+ is a synthetic product with a high flash point designed to offer optimal performance on CNC tool grinding machines like Walter & Deckel.

Safe-T-Oil #7 Grinding Oil

Buckeye Safe-T-Oil #7 is a petroleum base product with a high flash point that offers similar performance to Saf-T-Oil #4+.

4066 & D-22 Grinding Oils

Buckeye 4066 & D-22 are grinding oils that are suitable for a wide range of applications. 4066 contains active sulfur and chlorine while D-22 contains neither.

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