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Buckeye Lubricants manufactures a number of soluble oil type metalworking coolants and the more popular ones are detailed below with links to data sheets for each one.

324-24 Machining & Grinding Coolant

Buckeye 324-24 is a superior ALL-PURPOSE soluble oil product suitable for almost all machining & grinding applications with virtually all materials. It offers oustanding performance on aluminum.

324-24NC Machining & Grinding Coolant

Buckeye 324-24NC offers comparable performance to 324-24 except it contains no chlorine making is suitable for applications where chlorine is not allowed.

MEB & MEB-CL Micro Emulsion Coolants

Buckeye MEB & MEB-CL Micro Emulsion Coolants were designed to offer oustanding performance while minimizing build-up on machines and reducing carry-out on parts. They are suitable for even the most difficult applications as well as high turbulence and high pressure systems.

776-24NF Machining & Grinding Coolant

Buckeye 776-24NF is an excellent all-purpose machining and grinding coolant but its exceptionally low-foaming characteristics make it particularly effective on high turbulance applications.

333 Machining & Grinding Coolant

Buckeye 333 is an economical general-purpose product that offers excellent performance at a reduced cost.

Review this site to learn more about Buckeye Lubricants and the wide range of standard and custom products that are available, then contact us for more information and for samples to evaluate.

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