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Buckeye Lubricants manufactures a number of synthetic metalworking coolants and the more popular ones are detailed below with links to data sheets for each one.

12MN-TI Grinding Coolant

Buckeye 12MN-TI is an improved grinding coolant suitable for all grinding operations with particular capabilites on double disk and Blanchard applications.

TLSG-25 Machining & Grinding Coolant

Buckeye TLSG-25 is an excellent product for most machining and grinding applications and exhibits superior perfomance on difficult materials such as Stainless Steel, Inconel and Hastalloy.

TLSG-320 Machining & Grinding Coolant

Buckeye TLSG-320 provides superior performance on difficult materials but it is also outstanding for machining and grinding of Aluminum.

1973SP BLUE Spline Rolling Coolant

Buckeye 1973SP Blue is suitable for most machining and grinding operations but was designed to provide optimal performance on spline rolling.

TLSG-2C Carbide Grinding Coolant

Buckeye TLSG-2C was developed to provide excellent performance on carbide grinding while preventing any leaching of cobalt.

SPREP-9B Machining and Grinding Coolant

Buckeye SPREP-9B is a superior coolant for machining grinding of ferrous metals and difficult alloys but offers particularly oustanding corrosion protection.

Review this site to learn more about Buckeye Lubricants and the wide range of standard and custom products that are available, then contact us for more information and for samples to evaluate.

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