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'Buy the Best, Buy Buckeye'

Buckeye Lubricants was established in 1961 to develop, manufacture and market metalworking coolants and lubricants. Since its inception, Buckeye lubricants has maintained a policy of continual product development and improvement, while providing outstanding customer service and technical support. A pivotal point of early product development was a patent issued on August 9th 1966, which formed the basis for much of future product evolution.

The same ownership is in place that founded the company and provisions are in place to continue the firm's policies and focus.

The primary focus at Buckeye Lubricants is their extensive range of metalworking fluids for machining and grinding applications. Included in the product mix are: Water Base Fluids including synthetic, semi-synthetic and soluble oil variations; Petroleum Base Fluids with an emphasis on products for more demanding applications such as Swiss Style CNC Machines and CNC Cutter Grinders & Flute Grinders; and Synthetic Oil Base Fluids for the same demanding applications.

Additional product areas include: Drawing & Stamping Compounds; Corrosion Inhibitors; Hydraulic & Lubricating Oils; Cleaners; and Accessory Products for coolant maintenance.

Buckeye lubricants prides itself on offering complete technical support to its customers. On-site asssitance, as well as a full range of laboratory testing services, are available to help customers maintain their coolants and minimize associated downtime. These capabilities also serve important roles in the ongoing process of product improvement and in the development of new products to address specific customer needs and problems.

Credit card orders accepted by phone or e-mail.